Project: J-ko (project_jko) wrote in anime_boston,
Project: J-ko

Vampires Don't Sparkle: FEEDBACK!

Heya AB-types.

I co-hosted the 'Vampires Don't Sparkle!' panel on the Saturday of AB. It was an 18+ event, and overall it felt like a big ol' batch of fun ripping on a particular sparkly vampire book and movie franchise.

I posted a thread on the AB Forums asking for feedback. You know just the usual "Hey, what'd you think? Did you like it? Did you hate it?" kind of thing.

The thread was promptly buried. :/

Ah happens.

Now on the one hand, I could take that to mean that the panel was an awesomely huge success and there's no need to change anything because no one said anything needed improvement.

But I...contrary to popular belief...know better.

So in case anyone out there in LJ-land was at the panel (and thanks for coming if you were there!), what'd ya think of it? Any and all feedback is welcome, be it kind or harsh.

Thanks for your time, and I'll see you next year for AB'11! ^_^
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