Project: J-ko (project_jko) wrote in anime_boston,
Project: J-ko

Touhou Cosplayers at AB'09?

Just poking in here and seeing if there are any Touhou Cosplayers this year. A group is forming, or rather HAS formed...and more are welcome!

Thus far we have...

Remilia Scarlet
Flandre Scarlet
Sakuya Izayoi
Hong Meiling (about 75% sure at the moment)
Aya Shimeimaru

Me? I'm just the photographer *insert joke about photos showing up in the Bunbunmaru News here*, but I wanted to get the word out here in case people hadn't seen the thread on the AB Forums, which is here.

Any and all are welcome! We are meeting on Friday at 11AM by the 3rd floor escalators. Hope to see you there!
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